Penzión Limba** - Donovaly


tel: +421 48 419 9726
fax: +421 48 429 9066
mobil: +421 915 802 997

An integral part of the pension is Bowling bar.

Water is life, health ... Dive into the pool with a temperature of 27-30 ° C.

The date of 20.12.2012 was granted permission to operate a public shooting range.

Our chefs will prepare specialties of local cuisine.

Pension Limba ** is an ideal place for organizing various business conferences, seminars and...

Pension Limba ** is situated in the village of Donovaly.

Commercial shooting

2012.2012  the permission was granted to operate a public shooting range.
It  is possible to use:

  • short and long gas guns
  • mechanical and airsoft guns
  • short firearms without restrictions caliber including muzzle
  • long firearms - shortgun
  • ammunition to gas guns
  • ammunition in weapons permitted in accordance with applicable law on weapons and ammunition